Does your shop struggle to keep up with the ever-increasing pace of production – and change – that manufacturers face today? Complex workflows demand your utmost efficiency as you strive for advantages in a competitive landscape. To find the solutions you need for lasting productivity, take advantage of decades of global expertise from Seco.


As lead times shrink and mass customization yields small batch sizes with short deadlines, your production line scrambles to find every source of efficiency and stay competitive. With an increased shortage of skilled labor and a greater focus on automation to run expanded production, every minute of machine cycle time must count – and every part must match quality expectations. That’s why any shop can strain to juggle priorities and solve problems.

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Manage and develop employee skills Prepare on-target quotes and deadlines Apply in-house experience and resources to plan production strategies
Network machine tools and use their data Manage tool inventory Foresee and avert machining problems
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Manage and develop employee skills

Your employees really are your most-important resource, and if you're not investing in their development, you're leaving them behind – or losing them to other opportunities. If they don't know the latest methods and skills, you face scrap, rework, downtime, lost capacity and unhappy customers.

The Seco Technical Education Program (STEP) helps all your employees learn the right skills – without the costly inefficiency of trial and error. Our unique learning modules raise competencies and instill the right habits for productivity. Our STEP Masterclass tackles the needs of complex manufacturing, helping you build sustainable futures through the newest innovations, techniques and strategies.

Prepare on-target quotes and deadlines

If you don't find and remove the bottlenecks in your processes, you can't optimize your production – or your quotation system. After all, your quotes and deadlines reflect how you apply production capacity to fulfill customer orders, and if you don't know why your line slows down or jobs run behind schedule, you can't correct these problems and plan efficiently.

You need practical models that show you how to make your manufacturing system productive and effective, with a smoothly organized flow that anticipates what each step needs for success. Seco Manufacturing Excellence helps you learn to anticipate your working environment and make it run effectively.

Apply in-house experience and resources to plan production strategies

Are you always certain you're prepared for production – until you actually begin pulling together the tools, materials and machine capacity for the job? Many shops face a seemingly constant struggle with tool and material availability, machine access, equipment capabilities and staff competencies. If your planning system lacks an accurate view of what you can accomplish, you can't make promises to customers and be sure you can meet your deadlines.

A Seco Manufacturing Evaluation can help you unsnarl your planning process and make it predictably reliable. With greater confidence in the accuracy of your proposals, you can maintain existing customer relationships and win new business with confidence.

Network machine tools and use their data

What you don't know about your shop floor really can hurt you – and your productivity. Even if your operators complete daily reports that list job complications or process bottlenecks, you're limited to their observations, which can offer valuable insights, just not the full picture of what goes on. Until you piece together the entire puzzle of your production system, you can't find and correct problems that limit your success.

Machine Monitoring pulls together the real-time data from every machine on your floor, shows you what each one does and explains every aspect of its downtime as well as its productivity. The Seco machine-monitoring solution gives you the information you need to evaluate efficiency, find the real causes of problems whenever they happen – even on unattended shifts – and act on them before they slow your output.

Manage tool inventory

Parts don't cut themselves. Without the proper supply of the right tools, you either must try to manage production with less-than-optimal options – or wait for a tool order so you can start the job. Meanwhile, production time seeps away as your machines set idle. Even a few of these shortages are too many for an efficient shop to tolerate.

Seco Inventory Management solutions help you track tools, automate reordering and eliminate obsolete tools or shortages. At the same time, Seco Tool Identification makes your tool inventory smart so you can track compatibility and ensure you always have what you need for productive machining and collaboration throughout the shop.

Foresee and avert machining problems

Do you catch yourself wishing for magic powers so you could predict and prevent machine problems? Does "routine maintenance" wind up low on the priority list, as you scramble to complete delayed jobs? Without a full picture of the health of your equipment, you can't make proactive decisions about upkeep, which inevitably leads to postponement of critical machine care.

Seco Machine Monitoring shows you exactly how your machines perform every second they run. Our solution collects performance data so you can keep up with what's going on – and stay ahead of what's not going to go well. With this level of understanding, you don't need magic to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Reduce scrap and waste

Do you buy tools you don't need or that don't last as long as they should? Do you scrap parts that fail quality control even though your operators swear that they produced them correctly? No facility can afford to be complacent about scrap and waste that can drag down your profitability as well as your productivity. Whether you've figured out the causes of these problems but can't seem to solve them, or you're simply not certain what's happening, you need answers.

Seco Manufacturing Evaluation can show you exactly where these problems begin and how to end them. Through onsite visits, we build a complete picture of how your operations work and where inefficiencies lurk. Seco Tool Deterioration Analysis helps you compare your tool use to industry norms and find the real impact of tool life on your operations.

Deliver high-quality parts

You can't cut high-quality parts unless your production system relies on top-quality CAM programming. You need software that keeps up with today's fast production pace, complex part geometries and changing materials, along with the shortage of skilled talent and the need to manage capacity. Anything less will leave you with substandard results.

Seco Engineering Services includes the right software recommendations, along with validation solutions for faster production with better machine utilization and greater part precision. We can help you match programming to your jobs so you can plan, engineer and cut your best parts.

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Manufacturing involves making decisions and solving problems. The entire process fits into four essential steps – and Seco Manufacturing Transformation solutions can help you work through them with efficient productivity.

  • Promise: When you accept a job, you agree to price, quantity, quality and timing.
  • Engineering: Decide how you’ll fulfill your job promise with steps, processes and equipment.
  • Planning: Pull together all the resources you need for uninterrupted production.
  • Machining: Run and monitor your machines to ensure smooth output and solve any problems that arise.




You count on us for outstanding tools. The decades of expertise that go into building those tools also give us an in-depth understanding of the manufacturing process itself, how and when it works well, and what hampers its efficiency. To enhance your shop’s productivity, combine excellent tools with solutions and services from the Manufacturing Transformation Team to help you stay competitive.



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